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Fresh Vision

Alternative Solutions

Creative Agency

We offer You full support for projects from creating an idea, to layout and realization of any adverising medium available in Poland. We have many years of experience in the advertising market, from the prees, trough POS, DS, Outdoor, Ambient, to hand-painted large format Murals. We specialize in 2D/3D design, visual design, typography, CAD / CAM and commercial photography. We work with excellent copywriters and sociologists for market research and public opinion. Our agency is dedicated to creating visual creations, sign books, image campaigns and rebranding. We specialize in unconventional approach to promotion and new vision of adverising. We are perfectly located in urban space, using all advantages. We proudly create Murals as a link between an Art and Advertising. We design buildings, facades, gardens, museum decoration and parks.

Urban Space is our home. 

CEO Bartosz Jakubiec


Our Clients


ul. Zgodna 2                    
27-200 Starachowice                    


Phone: +48 502-334-757                    




Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.